Let Your Employees be trained at Platinum Class Infrastructure Facility in Noida.....

We at Leelajay Technologies are proud to unveil our venue located at Noida (Delhi NCR). We expect this state-of-art venue to provide the necessary boost both to individual and corporate evaluation. all aspects of the venue have been created in accordance with our vision to achieve educational brilliance where training is held without any disturbance. The venue consists of four air-conditioned training rooms which have seats of 24, 16, 18 along with a meeting room cafeteria and a reception area.




Benefits of Choosing Our Training Room for Rent - Best Locations and Full Facilities Spaces

Technical Infrastructure

CPU: i7/i5/i3/and equivalent
RAM: 32 GB/ 24GB/ 16GB/ 8GB/ 4GB
SDD Hard Disk : (On Demand )

Training Labs (9 No.)

1 Lab with 40 Capacities
1 Lab with 24 Capacities
1 Lab with 18 Capacities
3 Labs with 16 Capacities
1 Lab with 6 Capacities
1 Lab with 10 Capacities

Staff Support

Center Manager
Admin Staff
System Administrator
Hardware Engineer
Office Attendant (Male & Female)

Training layout

Round Table On Demand
U Shape On Demand

High Speed Internet

Broad Band - 100 Mbps
Lease Line - 50 Mbps

Cafeteria Hall

Up to 80 capacity